The focus of Security Awareness should be to achieve a long-term shift in the attitude of employees towards security, while promoting a cultural and behavioral change within an organization. Security policies should be viewed as key enablers for the organization, not as a series of rules restricting the efficient working of your business.

ConnectWise offers Security Awareness Programs and modules in the following areas. ConnectWise has the ability to custom create an awareness training module for any application or situation you might require.

Overview of Training Courses

Basic Security Awareness Training

This course specializes in making sure employees understand the mechanisms of spam, phishing, spear phishing, malware, ransomware and social engineering, and are able to apply this knowledge in their day-to-day job.

Business Email Compromise

Employees are quickly brought up to speed to inoculate them against what the FBI calls “Business Email Compromise”. Concepts like social engineering and email spoofing are covered as two ways that business email compromise is being perpetrated.


This course takes an employee through the basics of what ransomware is, what the risks are, and how it came to be.

Credit Card Security Basics

This course is meant for all employees in any organization who handle credit cards in any form. It teaches employees to handle credit card information securely to prevent data breaches.

PCI Compliance

This course is for anyone responsible for handling credit cards in your organization and qualifies as Security Awareness Training. It is designed for the owners, the CFO or Controller, managers and IT people in charge of credit card processing. It covers topics like Merchant levels, Merchant types, new changes in the industry, chip cards, TIP Program, Qualified Integrated Resellers and the key security requirements for any organization.

Strong Passwords

This course covers the rules of how to create and use strong passwords in both the office and at home. You’ll learn the 10 important rules for safer passwords, minimum password length, how to remember long passwords and get trained in best practices like using pass phrases and how to use a different password for every website.

Handling Sensitive Information

This course makes sure your employees understand the importance of safely handling sensitive information, like Protected Health Information (PHI), Credit Card data (PCI DSS), Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and Controlled Unlimited Information (CUI).It also includes how to handle your company’s proprietary information and teaches how to apply this knowledge in your day-to-day job for compliance with regulations.

Mobile Device Security

This course teaches the importance of understanding Mobile Device Security and the risks of mobile security threats.

Safe Web Browsing

This course takes you through the basics of safe web browsing and how to avoid common dangers along with the “do’s and “don’ts” of safe web browsing.