Pay Per Use

Small to medium sized businesses may not need to run NIST based assessments as frequently as larger organizations. The Sienna Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Tool offers an option to run the assessment on a pay per use basis.

Your small to medium sized business can access the Sienna Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Tool on a pay per use basis for only $99. Your company will gain access to the NIST CSF based assessment and generate a report identifying risks and vulnerabilities. Suggested remediation steps can be implemented to improve your security posture. While taking a risk assessment once is a good start, it is recommended taking multiple assessments during the year to track the reduction or addition of vulnerabilities and risk. Using the Enterprise tier of the risk assessment tool allows you to take unlimited assessments. Therefore, track your progress on a dashboard versus the one-time assessment you get with this offering.

The “Pay Per Use” offering does not include access to our management platform or the ability to compare your risk against other organizations in your industry. As a result, this offering is meant for businesses who need a one-time assessment and remediation report only.

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Use Cases

Recommended for Businesses Under 100 Employees

Small to medium sized businesses face many of the same cybersecurity threats as larger organizations. Unfortunately, in many cases small to medium sized business’ lack the same financial resources and technology that larger organizations have for security. That is why it is critical to find risk reducing solutions that fit into the available budget and leverage technology.

Our risk assessment tool is based on the NIST CSF standard. It is highly recognized and recommended for small to medium businesses by the Federal Government. This risk assessment tool is inexpensive and easy to use. Once the assessment is completed, an easy to read report is generated which identifies vulnerabilities and their associated level of risk.

Great for organizations under 100 employees.  For a single payment, organizations can access the Sienna Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Tool. This option does not provide access to the Sienna Cybersecurity Risk Assessment dashboard, comparison of risk against similar companies, unlimited numbers of assessments, or risk rankings of vulnerabilities.

View Risk in a Simple Report

This pay per use plan is perfect for organizations requiring a cybersecurity audit annually or multiple times throughout the year but don’t want to subscribe to an annual agreement.

Organizations can access the Sienna Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Tool one time per payment. Once the assessment is complete the platform will generate a report which identifies vulnerabilities and level of risk. Then links to recommendations and remediation information.

Need a Single Assessment to Identify Vulnerabilities for Compliance or Regulatory Requirements

Organizations may have a need to do a one-time assessment such as when moving into a new market or preparing to do business overseas.  Doing business with the Federal Governments or preparing for your first audit are great reasons to select our one-time risk assessment tool option.