ConnectWise provides focused solutions to data security challenges by maintaining deep technical expertise with a small set of specialized information security vendors. By focusing on this select group, ConnectWise is able to provide its clients with “expert” resources. This combined with our strict focus on data security challenges, allows ConnectWise to provide results-oriented successful solutions to our customers’ problems.

The leader in Data Classification that allows Sienna Group to significantly enhance the accuracy of SIEM and CASB products.

Protecting the human point is both Forcepoint’s vision and the focus of our products. 

AI Driven Data Privacy & Proteciton

Accurately discover, classify, and protect your sensitive data.

Netskope helps companies find, understand, and secure over 5,000 cloud and software-as-a-service apps.

Experts in IT infrastructure solutions that work for you.

Fishtech is a cloud era security company uniquely focused to be your digital transformation partner.

Community Defense Platform

Core Security offers threat-aware identity, access, authentication and vulnerability management solutions.

United States Trade Secret Office

Identify, classify and score your trade secrets with software from the Trade Secret Office

Policy and Compliance Management System that makes sharing crucial information easy.