Managed Service Provider (MSP)

As an MSP you are constantly trying to find better ways to service your customers, add value and create new revenue opportunities. This is why Sienna Group created a risk assessment tool.

Re-frame the security conversation with your customers to simply and methodically point out high risk practices that need remediation. Should your customer not accept your remediation plan we provide an attestation letter that you can share with your customers. Once authorized, this transfers the risk “officially” back to them if they choose not to implement the recommended remediation plan.

The MSP tier allows you to assess your entire customer base an unlimited amount of times for a low monthly fee. You can send a risk assessment to each of your customers, monitor their progress and share the results. The report can lay the foundation for a security-based conversation complete with remediation recommendations.

The Sienna Cybersecurity Risk Assessment dashboard gives you visibility into all your customers from a single application.  The dashboard can track all the assessments and provide a historical view reflecting how your customers are maturing their security posture. There are several out of the box reports which allow you to compare how your customers measure up to other customers in the same industry, size and geography.

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Use Cases

Create Additional Revenue Streams Through Remediation

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) you are always looking for ways to create additional opportunities with your customers and revenue streams to grow their business. MSP’s are eager to tap into new markets, increase professional service opportunities and create additional value through new attractive offerings. The cybersecurity market represents one of the most profitable and high growth areas of industry focus.

Though many MSPs may not be sure where to begin, Sienna Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Tool offering is an ideal first step in identifying cybersecurity opportunities within your existing customer base.

Identify Cyber Risk Level of Customers

The foundation of any security program is built on identifying, reducing and accepting risk. Many businesses simply don’t know where to start. It is unlikely risk can be eliminated completely from a business. Therefore, understanding and creating a plan to manage that risk is valuable to the success of your customers.

By providing a National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) based cybersecurity assessment to your customers, MSPs can identify a company’s risk. MSPs can build a valuable partnership by helping their customers successfully navigate the growing frequency and complexity of cyber threats. Working with a customer to identify the areas of their business which have vulnerabilities or lack of proper security controls is incredibly important. The assessment report can provide your customer base with the knowledge of where risk exists and how to address it through remediation. The assessment and final report can create remediation opportunities identifying additional revenue streams and value add for the MSP. 

Appropriate Transfer of Risk

The Sienna Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Tool can be positioned to limit the cybersecurity liability exposure the Managed Service Provider may wish to address with their customers. Too many times the lines between cybersecurity responsibility and the role that many MSPs play with their customers can become foggy. Especially during a breach or business disruption.

With a cybersecurity assessment, an MSP can share the results with their customers, identify vulnerabilities and associated risk. Knowing the proper remediation, an MSP is in a stronger position to identify their responsibilities and those of their customers. This is critical to the preservation of a long-term business relationship. The Sienna Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Tool creates a customer facing remediation plan with risks ranked from highest to lowest. If the customer chooses to accept the identified risk(s), an attestation letter can be created from the Sienna Cybersecurity Risk Assessment and presented to the customer to appropriately transfer risk liability.