Managed Data Security Services

When it comes to protecting your data assets, the approach, maturity level, resource allocation, and ultimately budgeting is unique to each firm. Some companies have personnel allocated to data protection and others do not, or do not possess the knowledge, or budget to hire them. According to the 2017 Thales Data Threat Report, data security is not without its challenges, primarily complexity (or at least the perception that data security is complex) and the lack of skilled staff. One of the ways organizations address the complexity and growing security skills shortage is by utilizing professional services organizations that are highly skilled in information security.

ConnectWise can help in these areas by becoming an extension of your team and managing some or all aspects of your data security program.

Our Managed Data Security Services Team is comprised of senior level Information Security and Governance, Risk and Compliance experts with extensive and varied industry knowledge in both the private and public sectors. Our team will help guide your organization through the accountability shift away from IT and technology over to the business units responsible for the creation and consumption of the information. Education plans, both formal and informal, are developed and delivered in conjunction with your current learning management system. Throughout this process, we will be partnered with you in an effort to increase your Security Maturity Model position.

Why ConnectWise Managed Data Security Services?

Rapid Implementation

Once we install and implement our agents, immediate discovery begins and you will immediately know where your sensitive data resides, who accesses it, and how it’s used, as well as the risk associated with that data. As a MDSS customer, you have access to the ConnectWise SecureView Management Console to filter and drill into reports any way you want to see them. Your MDSS team provides continuously updated data intelligence along with trending reports on data risk, usage and location.

Unlimited Access To Security Professionals

With the well documented shortage of IT security professionals, Data Security by ConnectWise customers leverage our experts who are senior level Information and Security Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) specialists with extensive and varied knowledge in both public and private sectors.

Better Use Of Your INFOSEC Resources

With the ConnectWise MDSS team managing the implementation and oversight, your InfoSec team can focus on compliance and governance instead of administration.

Exceptional Speed To Value

ConnectWise MDSS customers repeatedly tell us they were able to improve their data visibility and data security risk posture faster than they could have ever done by with their own resources.

Custom Dashboards

ConnectWise’s MDSS expertise we can create a custom dashboard for various members of the executive staff. Customizations can be as high level or granular as desired, and are a powerful added benefit that an expert sophisticated managed services company is able to capture.