John Ford of Sienna Group to speak at Connectwise Automation Nation

Automation Nation

Who Owns This Risk?

Given the advancement of threats into the SMB market, how much of the current risk equation do you own versus your customers? How do you communicate this and further your role as a trusted partner? This session will provide you with the value that a security risk assessment yields when properly scoped and delivered.

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Round 5 | Tuesday, June 19 | 2:00pm – 3:00pm | Sarasota

The Role of Threat Intelligence

You’re doing the best you can managing the security alerts for your customers, but maybe throughout the flurry of activity, you’re missing some key indicators that can explain why some of your customers are seeing nefarious traffic but others are not. The role of threat intelligence for an MSP can not only assist you in preventing attacks but also provide the story behind the communication you will likely have with your customers. The term “Threat Intelligence” relates to a variety of information sources, tactics, and practices that are often confusing. This session should assist in providing clarity and a path towards leveraging threat intelligence for your security practice.


John Ford
John Ford
President and CEO, Sienna Group

As a former Fortune 500 CISO and CCO John Ford is an accomplished Compliance, IT, Information Security, and Operations executive with proven experience designing, building and transforming regulated organizations.  Sienna Group provides strategic data security consulting services and managed data security services to government and commercial organizations. We offer solutions to discover, classify and protect an Organization’s most sensitive data.