A Mature Data Protection Strategy Starts with Knowing Your Risks

As businesses grow, they turn to third parties to provide specialty services – expanding and complicating their digital ecosystems. While outsourcing can alleviate business problems and needs, it often comes with risk. With a changing security landscape and new threats emerging every day, it’s hard enough to protect your own organization.
Almost 60% of the companies experienced a data breach caused by third-parties according to the 2018 Data Risk in the Third-Party Ecosystem Study from Ponemon Institute. (Source: Ponemon Institute)
Understanding the security of your vendor integrations can seem even more daunting. ConnectWise Identify provides you with the information you need to manage those risks. See how by signing up for a custom trial environment today. In this custom environment, created for you by our team, you’ll be able to use the assessment tool, see the questions we’ll ask your vendors, understand the risks, and learn how to track and mitigate risks on an ongoing basis.

Assess Your Risk for a Fraction of the Cost

Traditional risk assessments are expensive and require large blocks of time. ConnectWise Identify for enterprises is inexpensive and takes a fraction of the time to complete compared to traditional assessments. Our tool provides 90% of what traditional risk assessments provide at a price point that fits your budget. Whether you’re evaluating third party vendors, preparing for an annual audit, or assessing your remote locations, ConnectWise Identify is the tool for you.

Product Features

Cover the Five Functions of the
NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Heat Map of Risk Priority

Portal for Customers to
View Assessment Report

Recommendations to Address Each Risk

Download Risk Assessment
Report in Minutes

Peer Comparison by Vertical,
Geography, or Size

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The Starting Point for All Your Security Conversations

Better security starts with risk assessments, and risk assessments start with ConnectWise Identify.

Based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, ConnectWise Identify provides a comprehensive assessment of risk, not just for your own network, but across all your vendors.

Take ConnectWise Identify for a spin. We’ll create a custom environment exclusively for you, where you’ll be able to view the assessment tool, take an assessment and see the results.

With your ConnectWise Identify trial, you’ll discover how to:

Re-frame the security conversation with your vendors to point out high risk practices that need remediation.

Remotely assess your entire vendor base, as often as necessary.

Compare your vendors to their peers by vertical, geography and size.

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