Traditional risk assessments are expensive and require large blocks of time. The Sienna Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Tool is inexpensive and takes a fraction of the time to complete compared to traditional assessments.

Our tool provides 90% of what traditional risk assessments provide at a price point that fits your budget. Whether you’re evaluating third party vendors, preparing for an annual audit, or assessing your remote locations, Sienna Cybersecurity Risk Assessment is the tool for you.

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Use Cases

Preparing for an Audit

Annual cybersecurity audits can impact employee productivity and overall company efficiency. Enterprises are looking for better methods to identify risk, while meeting regulatory and compliance requirements. Pairing technology with traditional cybersecurity risk assessments is an attractive alternative.

Advances in technology are being applied to perform more effective remote cybersecurity assessments. These assessments can identify security vulnerabilities and the level of associated risk. Once the assessment is completed, a report is generated with remediation recommendations aligned with cybersecurity standards. The results are measurable and can be compared over time to show progress in your security maturity. Our remote cybersecurity assessments can be done more than once a year to show how an organization’s security posture is maturing. These assessments allow your organizations to align to standards like NIST, HIPAA and others at a fraction of the cost of a traditional risk assessment.

Supply Chain Vendor Risk Assessments

Managing third-party vendor’s security risk is a difficult task.  Every day, enterprises rely more frequently on outside products and services to serve their customers. Coupled with cloud migration and SaaS based applications, CISOs are left wondering how secure their partners are.

CISO’s manage security risk in their own infrastructure every day. Once outside that infrastructure, it becomes harder to control and the likelihood of risk increases. While third-party security compliance may be out of your hands, it is important to know what practices, procedures, and policies your vendors follow. Sienna Group has created a third-party cybersecurity assessment platform which provides CISO’s with the tools, questions and remediation strategies to manage their supply chain risks effectively.

Franchises or Remote Location Risk Assessments

Franchise and remote locations pose several challenges to organizations when it comes to identifying their cybersecurity risk. Security leadership may not be able to travel to these locations on a regular basis to verify proper controls are in place and being followed. Without cybersecurity professionals at all locations, implementing the policies and controls dictated by corporate security leadership can be a struggle. Remote locations may not possess the knowledge of cybersecurity standards like NIST to assess themselves.

The Sienna Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Tool offers corporate security leadership a remote assessment platform option to measure and address this problem.  The overall security stance of each remote location or franchise can be assessed, providing corporate a report of vulnerabilities and the associated risk. The cybersecurity remote assessment tool also provides critical remediation information which can be included as part of a strategy for reducing risk. This assessment tool can be the foundation to standardized controls and a measurement of progress of these individual locations. Using our dashboard, enterprises can identify security trends, see locations that are improving their security risk, and those who are having trouble meeting the controls of the organization. Traditional assessments measure a moment in time, the Sienna Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Tool should be used multiple times throughout the year to measure changes in risk and improving security maturity.