Security Assessments

Our assessments give our clients a clear picture of their current security position and our advanced reporting provides our customers with a risk score and a comprehensive remediation strategy to increase their score and improve their overall security posture. Our assessment tool was born from a former Fortune 500 CISO who was constantly being asked by the board, “How secure are we?” and “What is our current risk exposure?” When looking to employ a low cost, high frequency assessment to keep up with the volume of requests, he determined there simply was nothing in the market that met this need…until now.

Connectwise MSPs

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What We Do

We’ve developed a security assessment tool that is based on the NIST framework designed to provide an overall security score.  The tool was designed with the intent to be run multiple times a year so you can track the progress made and give real-time updates to the executive team or board when asked.

Modules can be developed for HIPAA, CUI, GDPR, and other regulations depending on your industry or security needs.  The assessment can also be used to assess your 3rd party vendors and partners to ensure they are not putting your organization at unnecessary risk.

The tool provides a single pane of glass (portal) where you can view all reports and entities’ results from one place. This portal is especially valuable to organizations with multiple sites or franchises and MSP’s.

What Makes Us Different

The Security Assessment was built by CISO’s for CISO’s. Some of the most influential and well respected CISO’s in the industry contribute to all aspects of our solution.

The assessments are easy to deploy and our comprehensive 24/7 support organization is eager to assist your staff or remote locations with answers to questions they may have.  The Assessment was designed to help not only Corporate locations with their assessments, but also remote or franchise locations along with 3rd party vendors. MSP’s also see added value in the solution as it acts as a new revenue stream.

The assessment’s advanced reporting provides customers with a comprehensive view of their overall posture along with heat maps that allows our clients to take action on the most important aspects of their assessments. From one console, you can view and monitor all locations of your organization to ensure action is being taken.

Assessment Use Cases

  • Assess risk of customers own company or franchises/remote offices
  • Assess risk against different regulations (HIPAA, PCI)
  • Open new revenue stream for MSP’s (Resell & Product/Services)
  • Risk Avoidance for MSP’s
  • 3rd party vendor assessments